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Ellen Lindell

Dr. Ellen Lindell is a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB). She graduated from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and received her doctorate in veterinary medicine from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. After practicing general medicine and surgery for several years, Dr. Ellen Lindell began and completed a residency program in veterinary behavior at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine.  Once she was board-certified, Dr. Ellen Lindell became an active participant in the College, taking on leadership roles including that of President of the ACVB. 

Dr. Ellen Lindell established the first private behavior specialty practice in the New York / Connecticut area and devoted more than 20 years to providing behavior solutions for pets and their people. She recently moved to Western North Carolina to be closer to family, and admittedly, to enjoy the amazing weather and scenery.

Here in Asheville, Dr. Ellen Lindell has the opportunity to collaborate with a network of professionals that includes many skilled and compassionate dog trainers, veterinary technicians, and veterinarians, all dedicated to behavioral medicine. She is fortunate for the opportunity to offer behavior consultations in an office located in the WagHab Canine Physical Rehabilitation and Wellness Center where a group of professionals is devoted to improving the physical comfort of animals.

She believes strongly in collaboration with other professionals and experts in behavior and is proud to be one of the founding members of the Interdisciplinary Forum for Applied Animal Behavior (IFAAB), a group of behavior professionals with both medical and non-medical backgrounds that meets annually to share cutting edge information about animal behavior.  



Understanding and Addressing Feline House Soiling

In this informative lesson, Dr. Lindell will delve into the puzzling behavior of feline house soiling and provide valuable insights for Veterinarians seeking solutions for their feline patients.


Insights and Strategies for Effective Medication Management

In this enlightening lesson, Dr. Lindell will delve into the realm of psychopharmacology and provide valuable insights and strategies for effective medication management.


Understanding and Addressing Canine House Soiling 

In this informative lesson, Dr. Lindell will delve into the common and less common causes of canine house soiling and provide valuable insights for Veterinarians seeking solutions for their canine patients.


Differentiating Between Medical

and Behavioral Driven Problems

In this session, Dr. Lindell will teach you how to determine whether a patient’s presenting behavioral concern is due to an underlying medical illness, a behavioral illness, or a combination of the two


Understanding and Managing

Inter-Cat Aggression

In this enlightening lesson, Dr Lindell will explore the complex dynamics of inter-cat aggression and provide practical insights for veterinarians seeking to establish peace and harmony among their feline patients.

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