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1. Seizure Etiology/ Therapies:

Understanding and Addressing Canine House Soiling

In this informative lesson, Dr. Lindell will delve into the common and less common causes of canine house soiling and provide valuable insights for Veterinarians seeking solutions for their canine patients. Clients quickly become frustrated and even angry when their dogs eliminate indoors. An accurate assessment of potential underlying medical and behavioral illnesses is essential for a positive outcome.


During this lesson, we explore the various reasons why dogs may exhibit house soiling, including medical and behavioral illnesses as well as environmental factors. Dr. Lindell as board certified behaviorist will be using her learned knowledge and experience to train you to help your canine patients. 


By the end of this lesson, veterinarians will have gained a deeper understanding of canine house soiling and be equipped with a range of effective strategies to address and prevent this challenging issue.

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