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At VOCN, we cherish the importance of the Human-Animal bond.

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Our Story

Vets On Call Network (VOCN) was founded with the ultimate purpose to help pets nationwide by connecting Veterinarians with Specialists virtually via our telemedicine consultation platform.


The advanced training of Specialists coupled with their vast clinical experience and our customize designed patient-centric telemedicine platform is a perfect match for Vets "On the Go" who need assistance with challenging cases.

The ease of arranging a consult, the personalized video evaluation of a patient, remote diagnostic solutions, and the case-by-case education provided to the veterinarian should meet and hopefully exceed your expectations. 


At VOCN, we cherish the importance of the Human-Animal bond and will do all we can to come up with solutions that help you help your clients according to their wishes. This is the age of digital transformation. Please register for FREE to Our Platform so we can help you help cure your patients. It is our ambition with your feedback to be an invaluable extension of your team by joining forces and illuminating a path for better veterinary care.


Richard Joseph

Richard Joseph DVM, DACVIM (Neurology)

CEO, Founder

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Vets On Call Network

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