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1. Seizure Etiology/ Therapies:

Understanding and Managing Inter-Cat Aggression

In this enlightening lesson, Dr Lindell will explore the complex dynamics of inter-cat aggression and provide practical insights for veterinarians seeking to establish peace and harmony among their feline patients. Inter-cat aggression can create a tense and stressful environment in the home, but with a deeper understanding of its causes and effective management techniques, it can be mitigated. 


During this lesson, Dr. Lindell will delve into the various factors that contribute to inter-cat aggression. An individual cat may exhibit fear or aggression that is out of proportion to a given trigger. Underlying medical conditions can support the development of fear or aggression in both aggressor and victim cats. Dr. Lindell will discuss the importance of understanding the personalities of all household cats. Additionally, you will learn how to train your cat owners to get helpful video footage that will both confirm the diagnosis and allow you to monitor the effect of your treatment plan.


By the end of this lesson, veterinarians will have gained a comprehensive understanding of inter-cat aggression and acquired a toolkit of effective strategies for managing and preventing conflicts among their feline patients. 

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