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For Specialists

Be part of a community that wants to optimize digital care delivery in veterinary medicine


Share Your Expertise

  • We welcome all Board Certified Specialists and Resident Participation.

  • Perform consults around your schedule, even if limited availability.

  • VOCN will streamline the consultation process so you can efficiently and effectively help save pet's lives.

  • You will be helping animals and getting paid too!

  • Enjoy being part of a Veterinary Community making contributions to education and training.

Enjoy Participation In One or All of VOCN Services

Video Consults

If you thrive on clinical case management and you enjoy sharing your knowledge consider joining this VOCN mission of Video TeleConsults:


Veterinarians want to do their best for their patients. Specialists providing specific case based guidance by the VOCN remote telemedicine platform allows for this corroboration to benefit patient care everywhere.

Remote Diagnostic

If you enjoy developing new methods to help vets remotely consider contributing to the following VOCN mission:

Evidence based medicine requires that Specialists are provided with as much objective information as possible. Be part of optimizing remote digital care diagnosis by working with Veterinarians who need help with remote interpretation.


If you enjoy teaching and getting recognized as an expert in a particular field, consider contributing to following VOCN mission of Video Learning:


1. Video topic or case based lectures

2. Training videos for vets or vet techs

3. Instruction designed for resident or intern training

These and other such activities can promote yourself or your specialty hospital referrals by the VOCN community.

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